Chocolate Covered No Bake Peanut Butter Cookies (amazing fat bombs!)

These chocolate covered no bake peanut butter cookies are the best! It’s a super simple and quick recipe! It maybe took me about 10 minutes to make these and the recipe makes 20. I keep these yummy treats in the freezer so I can enjoy one anytime! If you make 20 like the recipe says, then they are each 218 calories and 6 net carbs! So keto friendly and totally worth making them….over and over again! I have to limit myself though and will probably not be going crazy when I’m trying to stay in ketosis! 🙁 

Find the recipe here! The Big Man’s World.

*According to his recipe it’s 99 calories a piece and 1 net carb a piece. But I also did the calculations when I made 20 and got 218 per piece and 6 net carbs per piece. It’s always important to check the marcos for yourself because you could be using different types of certain items (maybe I used a different natural peanut butter??)

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